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"Where Friendliness Grows!"

"A Salsa Garden is in YOUR Neighborhood!"


Can be YOUR Event!

Would like to Celebrate your Passion with a lesson to your students on gardening? You may use our garden as a classroom. 

Are you a teacher of Yoga, Painting, Photography, etc.

You can contact us for scheduled time in the garden, 

for "Just a donation!" 


~Time for You to START your Garden Plot~

Give Pat a Call: 602-377-1121 cell

Join us at the Garden,

Engaged, Excitement,

Grow your Own!   

You'll be choosing beds between $10-$20/month.

Great family experience with the kids to garden & share the education of getting their hands dirty!

Garden on your Own Time, we take care of the watering

& premium soil."You handle the Love, weeding, planting, harvesting & Eating fresh food!"

Every Dollar Helps us Grow the  

    Community to Success!

Enjoy the Gift of Growing & Learning